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Monicasex chat

During Book Con, Candace took a few minutes to sit down with Bookish and chat about her newest novel.

And, because we know you were all wondering, yes–Candace is every bit as well-heeled and fabulous in person as you would expect.

But the apparent quid pro quo was that Clinton would arrange for the release of Jonathan Pollard who was convicted of spying for Israelis and a cause celeb for the country.

Season 7, Episode 17March 19, 2007Lynn continues working with the children's choir at church despite the end of her relationship with Eldon (Kadeem Hardison), but she's disappointed to learn that he's dating a woman from church who shares his views on premarital sex.

What do you think is the biggest problem facing women today?

CB: I think that the challenges that women are facing today have to do with men and violence.

According to a new blockbuster book, tapes of Bill Clinton’s steamy phone sex with Monica Lewinsky posed a threat to national security and resulted in a not-so-subtle ‘blackmail’ attempt by the Prime Minister of Israel, who used the torrid exchanges to try to ‘convince’ the President to secure the release of an American spying for the Israelis.

Halper reports evidence that not only the Israelis but also the British and Russians had ‘scooped up’ the microwaves off the top of the White House and taped Clinton's phone sex conversations with Monica – and perhaps other women.

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