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Lingerie dating

He had said similar things, but his actions spoke otherwise for a while. things heated up again, we spoke all the time, lots of texts and calls… We makes plan for the night before so that he can spend his actual birthday with his daughter (she's two). Picture me on my bed waiting for him, and that asshole texts me, “I'm going through some personal things, not coming over,” about five minutes before he was supposed to be at my house.

Serious discussions, sleepovers, intimate conversations, lots of phone calls. His friend said he wasn't ready after going through a divorce. I, of course, plan and love other people's birthdays. I have a gift, cake and am even wearing lingerie waiting for him because we had JUST discussed how much he loves it.

Besides, you should never need an excuse to spoil yourself with something racy and lacy. Whether you’ve got a partner or you’re single af, you should buy yourself lingerie for Valentine’s Day.

And who says you need someone in particular to show off to? We’ve picked out some of our fave pieces that would look great on you.

If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

But for people with disabilities, the lack of adaptive lingerie on the market means the onslaught of ads is another reminder that creators just don't design with us in mind.

Now, nonprofit organization Runway of Dreams and its founder Mindy Scheier are tackling the dearth of adaptive lingerie by seeking partnerships with established brands to produce designs friendlier to folks with disabilities.

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We’re left out of it."She adds, "We’re told by society that we’re not sexy, we aren’t good romantic partners, which is enforced by the fact that there’s no lingerie designed for people with disabilities. It’s like we’re not even thought of when it comes to that market, and that feeds into the misconceptions and stereotypes."Those misconceptions and stereotypes filter down into disabled folks' love and sex lives, too.

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