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"Because over 10years of Hard work and NOT laying on your back for the world to see didn't grant u a Mag.Cover @Adrienne_Bailon #Bitch Pls," Bermudez tweeted, in response to Kim and Khloe Kardashian's harsh comments about Bailon.I’ve teamed up with an entertainment company to help me execute it.I want it to live in the late night space and have that talk show kind of format. I want to be informative and focus on women’s issues, but I don’t want to preach. I’ve been in this business since I was 19 and I’m 31 now.Since then, these fashionistas have been there for each other through thick and thin and loves and losses, making noise and a name for themselves along the way.

The new couple emerged together after grabbing a bite in Los Angeles when paparazzi showed up and started snapping photos.In this new Style docu-series, follow the fast-paced New York City lives of rising Latina starlets Adrienne Bailon of the American girl group The Cheetah Girls and Julissa Bermudez of the video countdown show "106 & Park" as they strive to conquer the cutthroat world of show business and find love and happiness--by the time they turn 30!Best friends Julissa and Adrienne first met in 2006 as costars in the MTV movie "All You've Got", growing so close during filming that they even requested to share the same trailer!She has attended prestigious IB International schools. She has adapted herself with the change in place and culture.From her very young age, she began to respect all the culture and all heritages.

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) and traveling the globe as a brand ambassador for the likes of Hennessy and Steve Madden as well dabbling in other television projects.