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Intimidating management

Some corporations even create cultures that foster leadership that is quietly ruthless and devious.

Research by the University of Buffalo School of Management finds that it actually pays to be a workplace bully.

It can be the fear of multiple things: rejection, reprimand, failure, incompleteness, discouragement, etc.

Most managers — even the bad ones — appreciate the importance of maintaining the facade of professionalism at the workplace, so some have become increasingly skilled at being subtle while abusing employees.

These passive-aggressive managers are often highly valued in the modern workplace because many corporations believe they help weed out undesirable employees.

They expose organizations, including unions, to significant costs through filing multiple complaints against others - both informal and formal.

Many employees quit or transfer as a result of this behaviour.

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Those who engage in harassment typically receive excellent reviews from their own supervisors and are exceptional at climbing the corporate ladder.