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The Devil's Horn explores the sax's longstanding curse that stemmed from the difficult life of its mad inventor, and is still said to affect saxophonists who fall prey to the instrument's dark powers.

An alleged armed robber with “f*** cops” and devil horns tattooed on his forehead has been tracked down and arrested by police in the US.

Likewise, in the Dominican Republic, the word is used in conjunction with the sign to ward of a particular curse, called a fukú (and any person associated with the casting of the curse).No one is exactly sure where and when the devil horns first broke onto the scene, but one thing we do know is that they are much older than rock 'n' roll.While many people are concerned that this hand gesture is Satanic or evil, it is, in fact, exactly the opposite: The sign of the horns is based on many old world superstitions as a gesture to ward of evil spirits, danger, curses, and bad luck.They may not be a song, but you'll see them wagging back and forth at least once during every live performance of every metal song, whether its in the crowd or from the artists themselves.They are the "devil horns", and believe it or not, while they actually have an origin and global meaning outside of rock 'n' roll music, their history fits right in with the music.

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