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Who wants to video chat with strangers on the internet?

Napster co-founders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker are counting on Facebook's 950 millions users willingness to start up conversations with complete unknowns across the web with their new video chatting service, Airtime.

The rate at which App developers both experts and amateurs are coding new apps is fascinating.

While some of these apps might be very helpful to teenagers, some are potentially dangerous and expose them to social ills such as revenge porn, explicit content, sex predation, character assassinations and cyber bullying.

Do you feel like you’ve lost control of their web activities and they might be stumbling on dangerous things? Nowadays, parents lead a busy life and it’s somehow difficult to keep up with each and every emerging trend on the internet that may cause potential harm to your teenage kids.

One thing you surely can’t keep up with is the number of mobile Apps out there.

Talking to strangers will strengthen your communication skills which in turn improves your confidence and makes for a better listener and bigger question asker. Mix up the mundane by adding new people and interesting conversation into your life.

Some uncomfortable information must be shared with our kids and if that is what it takes to protect them, then so be it new friends? DO NOT TRUST YOUR CHILDREN ON THE INTERNET OR YOU MAY NOT HAVE YOUR CHILD ANYMORE. Remember Mom and Dad you are not your son or daughters friend you are their caregiver. By leaving your child unsupervised while they are online is not keeping them safe. These pictures were posted on a website for the entire world to see. We also took a report of a 11- year old who was doing sexual acts to herself and sending them through her smart phone to what she believed was a 11-year old boy.

I hear a lot of parents saying, My son/daughter comes home and goes right on the computer. By giving them a smart phone and not checking it is not keeping them safe. Do you think those parents ever thought their 11-year old would do such a thing? And you dont think your child will either now do you? NOT MY CHILD will eventually lead to YES YOUR CHILDYour child is no match for a determined, dedicated preferential sex offender.

Whether you’re traveling or settled down, get out of your comfort zone, practice your communication skills and go talk to a stranger somewhere! Here’s 10 reasons why you should start talking to strangers…

We are humans, we’re all unique and something to share.

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This is great because you know where they are and they cannot get hurt using the computer right? These men mail plane tickets to children in other states so they can meet up with them.

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