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Oozing sex appeal in the boudoir shots, the pictures are intended to break the stereotype of the thin, conventionally nice-looking girls being the only ones who 'deserve' to be the centre of attention.

Sugar Daters write on their website: "We are proud to release a daring calendar with sensual boudoir pictures of Danish sugar babes in all shapes and sizes."Sugar babes are women who are looking for a sugar daddy to spoil them with gifts and dinners."Helle, 52, a recovered alcoholic is one of the calendar stars with her cropped blonde hair.

A group of 12 pits recently excavated in Aberdeenshire appear to mimic the phases of the moon to track lunar months over the course of a year.

Researchers from the University of Birmingham now believe this monument could be the world's oldest 'calendar' and dates back 10,000 years They found that the monument pits align during the Midwinter sunrise, which researchers say would provide an annual 'astronomic correction' to maintain the link between the passage of time indicated by the moon, the solar year and the seasons.

Only millennia years divisible by 400 would have leap years. The Colony of Connecticut’s records show a court at Hartford on 27 December 1636 followed by a court at Hartford on 21 February 1636 followed in turn by a court at Hartford on 28 March 1637.

Add 410 years that the First Temple stood, 70 years of Babylonian exile, 420 years that the Second Temple stood, and 1931 years since its destruction. For textual sources, look at the chronologies from Adam down through Avraham (Genesis, Chapters 5,11).This shows that Avraham was born in the year 1948 (! The Exodus from Egypt was 500 years later (Genesis 21:5, ), bringing us to the year 2448.In colonial New England, New Year’s Day was not on January 1.Not because the Puritans didn’t want people to have too much fun on New Year’s Eve.

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