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Danielle harris is dating

After enjoying the beauty of this moment, if you feel that you are a bit familiar with Danielle Harris, it is a possibility.

You may have seen her in various TV Shows like One Life to Live or Roseanne, have heard her voice in The Wild Thornberrys, or seen her face in movies such as “Free Willy” and a slew of horror films such as the “Halloween” series and many others.

Danielle is currently known as ‘horror’s reigning scream queen’ and is also credited as the “toughest and most talented tiny chick in Hollywood,” according to websites and has just made her directorial debut in early 2013 with “Among Friends.” If you’re wondering about this ***INCREDIBLY GORGEOUS*** diamond enveloped ring, you can be assured it is one-of-a-kind, personally designed by David and created by his store, Bridge Street Jewelers.

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It is so fun to be a part of the process as a “secret” photographer catching the action in the moment!

Apart from her scream queen reputation, Harris is known as a former child actress whose career has grown to include various independent films as well as blockbusters such as Marked for Death (1990), The Last Boy Scout (1991), Free Willy (1993), Daylight (1996) and the aforementioned Halloween films.

She is also noted for her voice acting, which includes her role of Debbie Thornberry for the complete TV series run of The Wild Thornberrys (1998–2004) and related films The Wild Thornberrys Movie (2002) and Rugrats Go Wild (2003), and her role of Sierra on the TV series Father of the Pride (2004–2005).

Those are moments that you can’t get back, reactions that you can’t do over, and we are so glad we got to be there to capture this sweet moment with David and Danielle.

Despite it being an unusually cold and windy day, the Carneros Inn provided a great backdrop to do a few “officially engaged” portraits.

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She was previously married to ex Gary Lineker and is now expecting her second child with her American lawyer fiance.