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Accommodating students with disabilities

Community colleges serve a higher percentage of students with disabilities than any other sector of higher education.An understanding of the requirements imposed by disability laws in accommodating those students is important for all community college leaders.The University prohibits discrimination on the grounds of a Disability in accordance with The Act.Legislative History: Approved by Senate 1991/06 as Policy on Students With Special Needs; Amended by Senate 2001/05/24; Amended and Renamed by Senate as "Policy Regarding Academic Accommodation for Students with Disabilities" 2005/02/24; Amended and approved by Senate 2017/06/15.

This article describes legal requirements that postsecondary institutions must comply with in accommodating these students.Letters will be emailed to the instructors, and it is expected that students will meet with their professors to discuss accommodations.However, if you receive a letter but the student does not approach you, faculty members should reach out to the student.To establish principles, guidelines and responsibilities respecting access to University services, facilities and housing for students with disabilities in accordance with the All University students who are registered in credit or non-credit courses, and/or programs, who are participating in University events, or activities, and who have self-identified and have been documented as having a Disability, and all applicants for admission to programs at the University and those who are in the process of applying.Academic Accommodation – a change to teaching or evaluation procedures, which is designed to accommodate the particular needs of a student with a Disability without compromising Academic Integrity of the course, program, or assignment.

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